converting rows and columns


I have a dataset that is not organized the way I want it 
to. The data is organized as follows:

Country  Variable  Year1  Year2  Year3 ...
A           1      10     20     30
A           2      5      6      7
A           3      45     40     35
B           1      4      9      2
B           2      ...
B           3      ...
C           1
C           2

I want to copy this data into another table that is 
organized as follows:

Country  Year   Variable1  Variable2  Variable3
A        year1  ...        ...        ...
A        year2  ...
A        year3  .
B        year1  .
B        year2  .
B        year3  .
C        year1  .
etc etc

I can't do it with VLOOKUP because I would have to look in 
two columns (country and variable name) and then transfer 
the data from the appropriate year.  I would appreciate 
any help!


anonymous (74722)
12/9/2003 10:53:29 PM
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select the data under variable through year?   ctrl-c to 
copy. Go to a blank area on the sheet and paste-special 
(under edit), in the dialog box select the 
checkbox 'transpose'. Erase the old data and move the new 
data into position.

Good luck
>-----Original Message-----
>I have a dataset that is not organized the way I want it 
>to. The data is organized as follows:
>Country  Variable  Year1  Year2  Year3 ...
>A           1      10     20     30
>A           2      5      6      7
>A           3      45     40     35
>B           1      4      9      2
>B           2      ...
>B           3      ...
>C           1
>C           2
>I want to copy this data into another table that is 
>organized as follows:
>Country  Year   Variable1  Variable2  Variable3
>A        year1  ...        ...        ...
>A        year2  ...
>A        year3  .
>B        year1  .
>B        year2  .
>B        year3  .
>C        year1  .
>etc etc
>I can't do it with VLOOKUP because I would have to look 
>two columns (country and variable name) and then transfer 
>the data from the appropriate year.  I would appreciate 
>any help!
anonymous (74722)
12/9/2003 11:19:45 PM

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