Conditional Summing across ranges using arrays

Hi all -

I'm struggling to find a formula that will solve my problem:

I have a matrix of numbers defined by a series of numerical column and
row headers.

RefCel  1     2    3     4      5 . . . m

1       a     #    #     #      #
2       #     #    #     #      #
5       b     #    #     #      #
n       #     #    #     #      #

What I'm trying to do is for a give column header and a subset of row
sum the intersecting values. Let's assume that the subset are held in
a named range Subset and the row and column headers are in range
called RowHead and ColHead and that the column I'm interested in is

I tried something like this

So if ThisCol = 1, RowHead started at 1 and went to n, ColHead went
from 1 to m,
and Subset included a range with two values, 1 and 5, what I'm trying
to get to is a+b. Unfortunately, all I'm getting is a.

A complicating factor is that some of the values in Subset may not be
found in Rowhead.

Any thoughts on how I get this one done?


9/24/2003 5:36:38 PM
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