Conditional Formatting #18

I am attempting to use the conditional formatting to color 
code some cells, I want to say, 
If C1 = 0 then highlight A1 in red, how would I do that.



anonymous (74722)
10/23/2003 6:04:48 PM
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1st: select "Formula Is" instead of "Cell Value Is" in 
the left dropdown.  The rest of the line changes to one 
long textbox.  Enter "=$C$1=0" (no quotes) then select 
your format style from "format" button and "color" 
dropdown.  that should do it.
>-----Original Message-----
>I am attempting to use the conditional formatting to 
>code some cells, I want to say, 
>If C1 = 0 then highlight A1 in red, how would I do that.
anonymous (74722)
10/23/2003 6:31:37 PM
Michelle, select A1 and conditional format as formula is =C1=0
Paul B
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"Michelle B." <> wrote in message
> I am attempting to use the conditional formatting to color
> code some cells, I want to say,
> If C1 = 0 then highlight A1 in red, how would I do that.
> Thanks
> Michelle

pbridgesnews (182)
10/23/2003 6:35:14 PM

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