comparing and compiling between sheets

Hello everyone,

I have two copies of the same spread sheet. The original 
and a edited version. The edited version has one of each 
row that was used on our project. The problem is that 
whoever edited it removed columns as well. I would like 
to make a copy of the original and compare that to the 
edited one by the use of one common column. Then, delete 
any line that does not have a matching entry in the 
edited sheet. 

So for example, in column A (titled part number) of the 
master I have
100, 101, 102, 103,104

In the edited column A I have the values 100, 102, 103.

Is there a way to compare the two sheets and delete those 
rows without matching enteries? Leaving me the copy of 
the master with column A values of 100, blank/deleted, 
102, 103, blank/deleted. I want to leave the entire row 
in tact.

Keep in mine that I cannot simply match rows. The edited 
sheet has been reduced and blank space sorted out of it.

Thanks for your help and please feel free to send an e-
mail if you need more info.
lwhite (8)
3/24/2005 6:59:06 PM
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