checking for existance of file before running macro

I have a macro that opens a source file to retrieve information. I want to
be able to check to see if it's there first and if it's not send a msg to
the user stating that the file isn't there. When the user clicks okay on the
box I want the macro to end without error. Can anyone help?

thx, Jim

jhosten (1)
6/26/2004 3:39:28 PM
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You can use the Dir() function:

dim myFilename as string
myfilename = "C:\autoexec.bat"
if dir(myfilename) = "" then
  'it's not there
  'yes, it is
end if

Jim wrote:
> I have a macro that opens a source file to retrieve information. I want to
> be able to check to see if it's there first and if it's not send a msg to
> the user stating that the file isn't there. When the user clicks okay on the
> box I want the macro to end without error. Can anyone help?
> thx, Jim


Dave Peterson
ec35720 (10082)
6/26/2004 5:43:46 PM

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