Changing default Print copies


I have a workbook that has a worksheet with default printing copies of
3. Even when I go to page setup and change the number of copies to
print to 1 it will automatically revert to 3 the next time I bring up
the print dialog. I have also looked through the VBA editor at the
worksheet for any oddities and have found none. Does anyone know how
to change this permanently?

Thanks in advance.

msan (2)
9/6/2004 2:09:24 PM
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>Even when I go to page setup and change the number of copies to
> print to 1 it will automatically revert to 3 the next time I bring up
> the print dialog.

Look at the defaults for your printer off of the Start menu, Settings. 
Under Printer Properties you may find that the default is 3 for some reason. 
Exactly where you look will depend on your printer driver.  For my HP 
Laserjet 5D it was under Printing Preferences on the General tab.  Once you 
change it there and change withing Excel may now stick.

Jim Rech
Excel MVP 

jrrech (1933)
9/6/2004 3:58:02 PM
This doesn't fix my problem.  My printer settings are all correct and in 
fact, it does show as only 1 copy.  There's someplace within the EXCEL 
worksheet that has this information because I get this only for this one 
worksheet - somebody at sometime set the default # of copies to 3 and I want 
to change it back to 1.

"Jim Rech" wrote:

> >Even when I go to page setup and change the number of copies to
> > print to 1 it will automatically revert to 3 the next time I bring up
> > the print dialog.
> Look at the defaults for your printer off of the Start menu, Settings. 
> Under Printer Properties you may find that the default is 3 for some reason. 
> Exactly where you look will depend on your printer driver.  For my HP 
> Laserjet 5D it was under Printing Preferences on the General tab.  Once you 
> change it there and change withing Excel may now stick.
> -- 
> Jim Rech
> Excel MVP 
11/24/2004 10:13:02 PM

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