Changing Average - Ongoing for Excel 2007

I am hoping someone knows a formula to help me.

I enter the info in column C each week. D is the average over 5 days, 
and E is the percentage of the goal (1392/day) per week.  I would 
like the total at the bottom of D to automatically change without 
having to go to the total of D and change the divisor. (In this example, 
the divisor of the total of the numbers in D is 6. When I input the 
numbers for 2/13/10, I will have to change the divisor to 7.)

After 13 weeks I will have 13 rows of data, with the average for each 
column. I do this by quarter to eventually have the average over 52 

I need to have the average recalculated each week.  
Is there a formula I can use that will update the average each week 
when I input new data?
       A               B                C                D                   
       Date         Daily#       Wkly actual   Actual daily 
1)   1/2/2010      1392       6,037	         1207.40	86.74%
2)   1/9/2010      1392       5,918	         1183.60	85.03%
3)   1/16/2010    1392       6,022	         1204.40	86.52%
4)   1/23/2010    1392       7,065	         1413.00           101.51%
5)   1/30/2010    1392       6,096	         1219.20	87.59%
6)   2/5/2010      1392       6,885	         1377.00	98.92%
7)   2/13/2010    1392		              0.00	  0.00%
8)   2/20/2010    1392		              0.00	  0.00%
9)   2/27/2010    1392		              0.00	  0.00%
10) 3/6/2010      1392		              0.00	  0.00%
11) 3/13/2010    1392		              0.00	  0.00%
12) 3/20/2010    1392		              0.00	  0.00%
13) 3/27/2010    1392		              0.00	  0.00%
AVERAGE:          1392       6,227.60       1245.52	 89.48%
Thank you.
2/9/2010 5:09:02 PM
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Thank you very much! :)

"Herbert Seidenberg" wrote:

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2/10/2010 5:59:01 PM

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