Changes not saved

I run Office 2002 SP2. Some people had reported that they 
did minor changes in excel (such as changing a value in a 
column), saved it, close the file, when the file re-
opened, the changes has not been saved. Help! Any Ideas? 
anonymous (74722)
10/16/2003 6:55:23 AM
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The only time I've seen things like this is when there are two workbooks with
the same name.  You make the changes to one of them, save it, close it, but
reopen a different one?

(You don't have any macros that stop the save--this one is pretty farfetched. 
I'd look, but not get my hopes up too high.)

You may want to sit with one of the users who claim this happens and watch with
an eagle eye.  These things don't usually happen with someone else watching

Mik wrote:
> I run Office 2002 SP2. Some people had reported that they
> did minor changes in excel (such as changing a value in a
> column), saved it, close the file, when the file re-
> opened, the changes has not been saved. Help! Any Ideas?
> Thanks


Dave Peterson
ec35720 (10082)
10/16/2003 10:14:31 PM

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