Change Needed - VB Code in excel

I have a neat VB code that I use in Excel.  This code imports data from a 
text file into columns in an excel spreadsheet.

The excel file has two worksheets, one is to input the .txt filename with a 
button for the VB code to do it's magic and convert everything I have in the 
text file, which usually has the same layout (in each txt file) in terms of 
what data I want columnized in excel. The code goes as follows....

Sub ConvertFile()
Dim LCStart As Long
Dim IQStart As Long
Dim Lat1Start As Long
Dim Lon1Start As Long
Dim Lat2Start As Long
Dim Lon2Start As Long
Dim NbmesStart As Long
Dim Nbmes2Start As Long
Dim BestLevelStart As Long
Dim PassDurStart As Long
Dim NOPCStart As Long
Dim CalcFreqStart As Long
Dim AltStart As Long
Dim Num1Start As Long
Dim Num2Start As Long
Dim Num3Start As Long
Dim Num4Start As Long
Dim LineIn As String
Dim RecNo As Long
Dim RecLine As Long
Dim aryData As Variant
Dim maxRecords As Long
Dim recColumns As Long

maxRecords = 999
recColumns = 20
Worksheets("Raw Data").UsedRange.Offset(1, 0).Resize(maxRecords, 
aryData = Worksheets("Raw Data").UsedRange.Offset(0, 0).Resize(maxRecords, 
ChDrive Left(ActiveWorkbook.Path, 1)
ChDir ActiveWorkbook.Path
'FName = Range("FName").Value
Open Range("FName") For Input As #1
RecNo = 2
RecLine = 0
Do While Not EOF(1) ' Loop until end of file.
    Line Input #1, LineIn ' Read line into variable.
    RecLine = RecLine + 1
    Select Case RecLine
    Case 1
        LCStart = WorksheetFunction.Find("LC :", LineIn)
        IQStart = WorksheetFunction.Find("IQ :", LineIn)
        aryData(RecNo, 1) = Mid(LineIn, 2, 5)
        aryData(RecNo, 2) = WorksheetFunction.Substitute(Mid(LineIn, 15, 8), 
".", "/")
        aryData(RecNo, 3) = TimeValue(Mid(LineIn, 24, 8))
        aryData(RecNo, 4) = Trim(Mid(LineIn, LCStart + 4, IQStart - (LCStart 
+ 4)))
        aryData(RecNo, 5) = Trim(Mid(LineIn, IQStart + 4))
    Case 2
        Lat1Start = WorksheetFunction.Find("Lat1 :", LineIn)
        Lat2Start = WorksheetFunction.Find("Lat2 :", LineIn)
        Lon1Start = WorksheetFunction.Find("Lon1 :", LineIn)
        Lon2Start = WorksheetFunction.Find("Lon2 :", LineIn)
        aryData(RecNo, 6) = Trim(Mid(LineIn, Lat1Start + 6, Lon1Start - 
(Lat1Start + 6)))
        aryData(RecNo, 7) = Trim(Mid(LineIn, Lon1Start + 6, Lat2Start - 
(Lon1Start + 6)))
        aryData(RecNo, 8) = Trim(Mid(LineIn, Lat2Start + 6, Lon2Start - 
(Lat2Start + 6)))
        aryData(RecNo, 9) = Trim(Mid(LineIn, Lon2Start + 6))
    Case 3
        NbmesStart = WorksheetFunction.Find("Nb mes :", LineIn)
        Nbmes2Start = WorksheetFunction.Find("Nb mes>-120dB :", LineIn)
        BestLevelStart = WorksheetFunction.Find("Best level :", LineIn)
        aryData(RecNo, 10) = Trim(Mid(LineIn, NbmesStart + 8, Nbmes2Start - 
(NbmesStart + 8)))
        aryData(RecNo, 11) = Trim(Mid(LineIn, Nbmes2Start + 15, 
BestLevelStart - (Nbmes2Start + 15)))
        aryData(RecNo, 12) = Trim(Mid(LineIn, BestLevelStart + 12))
    Case 4
        PassDurStart = WorksheetFunction.Find("Pass duration :", LineIn)
        NOPCStart = WorksheetFunction.Find("NOPC :", LineIn)
        aryData(RecNo, 13) = Trim(Mid(LineIn, PassDurStart + 15, NOPCStart - 
(PassDurStart + 15)))
        aryData(RecNo, 14) = Trim(Mid(LineIn, NOPCStart + 6))
    Case 5
        CalcFreqStart = WorksheetFunction.Find("Calcul freq :", LineIn)
        AltStart = WorksheetFunction.Find("Altitude :", LineIn)
        aryData(RecNo, 15) = Trim(Mid(LineIn, CalcFreqStart + 13, AltStart - 
(CalcFreqStart + 13)))
        aryData(RecNo, 16) = Trim(Mid(LineIn, AltStart + 10))
    Case 6
        Num1Start = WorksheetFunction.Find(" ", LineIn, 2)
        Num2Start = WorksheetFunction.Find(" ", LineIn, Num1Start + 1)
        Num3Start = WorksheetFunction.Find(" ", LineIn, Num2Start + 1)
        Num4Start = WorksheetFunction.Find(" ", LineIn, Num3Start + 1)
        aryData(RecNo, 17) = Trim(Mid(LineIn, Num1Start + 1, Num2Start - 
(Num1Start + 1)))
        aryData(RecNo, 18) = Trim(Mid(LineIn, Num2Start + 1, Num3Start - 
(Num2Start + 1)))
        aryData(RecNo, 19) = Trim(Mid(LineIn, Num3Start + 1, Num4Start - 
(Num3Start + 1)))
        aryData(RecNo, 20) = Trim(Mid(LineIn, Num4Start + 1))
    Case Else
        If LineIn = " " Then
            RecLine = 0
            RecNo = RecNo + 1
            MsgBox "Record number " & RecNo & " (collar number " & 
aryData(RecNo, 1) & _
            ")" & Chr(10) & "has this additional line:" & _
                Chr(10) & Chr(10) & LineIn, vbInformation, "Please note"
        End If
    End Select
Worksheets("Raw Data").UsedRange.Offset(0, 0).Resize(maxRecords, recColumns) 
= aryData
Worksheets("Raw Data").UsedRange.Offset(RecNo, 0).Resize(maxRecords + 1 - 
End Sub

Now, the txt files normally looks like this...(as an example, I have pasted 
three data blocks, each data block would represent one row in excel when 
converted. There are normally 450-500 data blocks).....

 06979 Date : 18.08.04 13:30:35 LC : 3 IQ : 60
  Lat1 : 68.747N Lon1 : 93.642W Lat2 : 83.784N Lon2 : 178.549E
  Nb mes : 004 Nb mes>-120dB : 000 Best level : -130 dB
  Pass duration : 345s NOPC : 2
  Calcul freq : 401 649660.3 Hz Altitude : 0 m
  00 5866 00 06
 06979 Date : 18.08.04 13:31:10 LC : 2 IQ : 56
  Lat1 : 68.753N Lon1 : 93.656W Lat2 : 66.044N Lon2 : 78.199W
  Nb mes : 006 Nb mes>-120dB : 000 Best level : -128 dB
  Pass duration : 414s NOPC : 3
  Calcul freq : 401 649660.6 Hz Altitude : 0 m
  00 5853 00 06
 06979 Date : 18.08.04 15:09:30 LC : 3 IQ : 68
  Lat1 : 68.737N Lon1 : 93.627W Lat2 : 86.767N Lon2 : 25.778E
  Nb mes : 004 Nb mes>-120dB : 000 Best level : -133 dB
  Pass duration : 483s NOPC : 4
  Calcul freq : 401 649651.0 Hz Altitude : 0 m
  00 5822 00 06

Note above that there are spaces in certain areas. (one space before the 
first block and the first line, 2 spaces before the second line and so on, 

I can work with this data and it's layout fine and easily converts to 
columnized excel file. 

However, my problem is this...Once in a while, the data comes in a different 
layout and it is very time consuming to make changes to the text file and 
adding spaces where they should be in data that comes in which have this 

 06976 Date : 07.07.04 13:05:56 LC : 1 IQ : 50 
 Lat1 : 64.913N Lon1 : 90.657W Lat2 : 81.105N Lon2 : 167.394E 
 Nb mes : 004 Nb mes>-120dB : 000 Best level : -131 dB 
 Pass duration : 396s NOPC : 3 
 Calcul freq : 401 651625.3 Hz Altitude : 0 m 
 00 169 00 65 

 06976 Date : 07.07.04 13:08:08 LC : 2 IQ : 66 
 Lat1 : 64.897N Lon1 : 90.663W Lat2 : 70.048N Lon2 : 119.597W 
 Nb mes : 004 Nb mes>-120dB : 000 Best level : -129 dB 
 Pass duration : 263s NOPC : 3 
 Calcul freq : 401 651621.5 Hz Altitude : 0 m 
 00 170 01 65 

 06976 Date : 07.07.04 13:24:05 LC : 0 IQ : 56 
 Lat1 : 64.887N Lon1 : 90.551W Lat2 : 63.387N Lon2 : 82.438W 
 Nb mes : 005 Nb mes>-120dB : 000 Best level : -126 dB 
 Pass duration : 461s NOPC : 2 
 Calcul freq : 401 651611.8 Hz Altitude : 0 m 
 00 172 01 65 

Note above that there is the one space before the first line, which is fine, 
but there is only one space before the second and rest lines where there 

Can I make a simple change to the VB code to take into consideration the 
missing spaces in the second txt file example shown above? if so, I could 
just marry whoever provides an answer if your a girl, or take you in as a 
brother in law if your a guy. <sorry, it would just save so much time>.

Eskimo1 (9)
8/27/2004 9:19:07 PM
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I got it!  I just deleted the space in the vb line " " below.

   Case Else
        If LineIn = " " Then
            RecLine = 0
            RecNo = RecNo + 1

and made in into

   Case Else
        If LineIn = "" Then
            RecLine = 0
            RecNo = RecNo + 1

Simple enough, even I can figure it out.

Eskimo1 (9)
8/27/2004 10:27:01 PM
You may want to trim LineIn, just in case:

	if trim(linein) = "" then

And take a look at VBA's help for Instr().

You may want to replace your worksheetfunction.find's.

Eskimo wrote:
> I got it!  I just deleted the space in the vb line " " below.
>    Case Else
>         If LineIn = " " Then
>             RecLine = 0
>             RecNo = RecNo + 1
> and made in into
>    Case Else
>         If LineIn = "" Then
>             RecLine = 0
>             RecNo = RecNo + 1
> Simple enough, even I can figure it out.
> Eskimo


Dave Peterson
ec35720 (10082)
8/27/2004 10:40:22 PM

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