Cell Selection?

I have a colum of numbers


What I need, is to be able to select 3. the 198's are not going to be used 
in the next part of my equation. That seems simple enough, however all the 
numbers could be usable (not 198) and I need to use just the first three. Any 
1/19/2006 5:16:02 AM
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One interp / way, using non-array formulas

Assuming source numbers in A1 down


In B1: =IF(COUNT($C$1:C1)>3,"",C1)

In C1:

In D1: =IF(A1="","",IF(A1=198,"",ROW()))

Select B1:D1, copy down as far as required
to cover the max expected extent of data in col A
(can copy ahead of existing data in col A)

Col B will return the required results,
i.e. the first 3 numbers other than 198 in col A
"M.A.Tyler" <Great Lakes State> wrote in message
> I have a colum of numbers
> 198
> 0
> 0
> 198
> 2
> What I need, is to be able to select 3. the 198's are not going to be used
> in the next part of my equation. That seems simple enough, however all the
> numbers could be usable (not 198) and I need to use just the first three.
> ideas?

demechanik (4694)
1/19/2006 6:57:26 AM

> Col B will return the required results,
> i.e. the first 3 numbers other than 198 in col A

The above is provided of course, that the source col A does contain at least
3 numbers other than 198, otherwise col B would just return accordingly
whatever's there, viz.: the first 2 numbers, the first number, or blank: ""
(where there's no number in col A other than 198)

demechanik (4694)
1/19/2006 7:11:35 AM

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