cell protection to allow GROUP/UNGROUP function

2 asthetic questions for all you advanced Excel Users....

Q1.  is it possible to protect a worksheet, but still be able to us
the +GROUP & -UN GROUP buttons ? to expand / contract the viewe

Q2. anyone know how to change the colour of the AUTO FILTER button - i
changes from black to dark blue when activated - i would like to hav
this with more contrast and so it jumps out at you ( and the othe
plebs in the office who keep forgetting)



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11/13/2003 10:07:26 AM
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This may help a little.  If the monitor's brightness is set too low, and the
contrast set too high to compensate, dark colors like blue will turn darker.
Try reversing that.  A problem is that the controls may eventually work
their way back to the earlier "beer-hall TV settings."  (:

One good way to properly set the controls is to turn the contrast down a bit
low, raise the brightness until a grey background starts to appear, then
back it up up a tinch until it almost  or JUST disappears, and leave it
there.  Now adjust the contrast as desired.

Earl Kiosterud
mvpearl omitthisword at verizon period net

"davidbrowne17" <davidbrowne17.wtumm@excelforum-nospam.com> wrote in message
> 2 asthetic questions for all you advanced Excel Users....
> Q1.  is it possible to protect a worksheet, but still be able to use
> the +GROUP & -UN GROUP buttons ? to expand / contract the viewed
> ranges?
> Q2. anyone know how to change the colour of the AUTO FILTER button - it
> changes from black to dark blue when activated - i would like to have
> this with more contrast and so it jumps out at you ( and the other
> plebs in the office who keep forgetting)
> Regards
> David.
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nowhere8060 (363)
11/13/2003 2:33:02 PM

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