Can you use autofilter and a graph together?

I'm trying to use autofilter to select a single line of data (the
uppermost) then graph it.  Unfortunately When I select the source data
for my graph (A4 through IH4) then use autofilter it doesn't select the
top row of data, instead it still graphs the same row targeted before
the filter process.  How do I get it to graph the row beneath my
autofilter drop down list?  

In a nutshell, can you use autofilter to select the line of data you
wish to graph?

Thanx in advance!

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9/10/2003 8:18:21 PM
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You can create a chart from all the data in the table. Then, filter the 
data to show only the row you want displayed in the chart.

Devill_Dog wrote:
> I'm trying to use autofilter to select a single line of data (the
> uppermost) then graph it.  Unfortunately When I select the source data
> for my graph (A4 through IH4) then use autofilter it doesn't select the
> top row of data, instead it still graphs the same row targeted before
> the filter process.  How do I get it to graph the row beneath my
> autofilter drop down list?  
> In a nutshell, can you use autofilter to select the line of data you
> wish to graph?

Debra Dalgleish
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9/10/2003 10:20:55 PM

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