Can I lock a set of cells in a worksheet?

Is it possible that a range of cells in a worksheet is protected from
user editing, and the rest of the worksheet is editable as usual ?

Puneet Arora

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7/8/2005 1:51:06 AM
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Try this sequence ..

Select the entire sheet first (press CTRL+A)
Click Format > Cells > Protection tab > Uncheck "Locked" > OK

Now select the range of cells to be protected, say B2:B10
Click Format > Cells > Protection tab > Check "Locked" > OK

Then apply sheet protection via:
Click Tools > Protection > Protect Sheet > Password? > OK

Check it out .. Only B2:B10 will be protected
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> Hi,
> Is it possible that a range of cells in a worksheet is protected from
> user editing, and the rest of the worksheet is editable as usual ?
> Puneet Arora
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demechanik (4694)
7/8/2005 2:22:29 AM

Works smooooth...

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7/8/2005 8:32:02 PM
"puneetarora_12" wrote:
> :)
> Works smooooth....

Glad to hear that !
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7/8/2005 10:07:05 PM

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