can I find merged cells?

I'm trying to sort and get the message "merged cells must be the same size".
How can I 'find' the merged cells?

david5481 (1)
9/16/2004 3:12:42 PM
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David, here is a macro by Dave Peterson that will do it

Sub Found_Merged_Cells()

'macro looks for merged cells

'By Dave Peterson

    Dim myCell As Range

    Dim resp As Long

    For Each myCell In ActiveSheet.UsedRange.Cells

        If myCell.MergeCells Then

            If myCell.Address = myCell.MergeArea(1).Address Then

                resp = MsgBox(prompt:="found: " _

                               & myCell.MergeArea.Address & vbLf & _

                                 "Continue looking", Buttons:=vbYesNo)

                If resp = vbNo Then

                    Exit Sub

                End If

            End If

        End If

    Next myCell

End Sub
Paul B
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"David McDonald" <> wrote in message
> I'm trying to sort and get the message "merged cells must be the same
> How can I 'find' the merged cells?

9/16/2004 3:45:54 PM
select the region that you are trying to sort (that seem to have th
merged cells) and then run this macro. it will pop up messages with th
cell addresses.

Option Explicit

Sub MergedCells()

Dim rng As Range

For Each rng In Selection

If rng.MergeCells = True Then

MsgBox "Merged Cells " & rng.Address

End If

Next rng

End Sub

hope this was the requirement

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9/16/2004 3:55:33 PM

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