Can I create an invoice that will number itsself?

I am creating an invoice for someone, they would like it to autmatically 
progress numerically as they are used, is this possible?
llpc2004 (1)
8/2/2005 6:59:55 PM
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Try this sample file and use it or use the code within.
~Anne Troy

"llpc2004" <> wrote in message
> I am creating an invoice for someone, they would like it to autmatically
> progress numerically as they are used, is this possible?

ng1 (1444)
8/2/2005 7:20:11 PM
J.E. McGimpsey has instructions for creating sequential invoice numbers:

llpc2004 wrote:
> I am creating an invoice for someone, they would like it to autmatically 
> progress numerically as they are used, is this possible?

Debra Dalgleish
Excel FAQ, Tips & Book List

dsd1 (5911)
8/2/2005 8:51:46 PM

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