Can anyone help ?

I have created a holiday planner for staff with in are company

and i need a formula that gives us only 10% of the total number of staff are 
off on holiday.

would be greatful if anyone could help.
John1063 (943)
1/11/2006 9:22:02 AM
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Hello - If you have a total somewhere (I would suggest inserting a column on 
your spreadsheet titled Total and then entering a "1" if the person is going 
to be out, then total the column of "1"s by entering "=SUM(x:y)" where 
x=first cell in the range, and y=last cell in the range), in a different 
cell, enter "=.1*z" where z equals the total of people out of the office.

I hope that helps!
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"John" wrote:

> I have created a holiday planner for staff with in are company
> and i need a formula that gives us only 10% of the total number of staff are 
> off on holiday.
> would be greatful if anyone could help.
angtodd (3)
1/11/2006 2:49:02 PM

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