Automatic transfer of data from one worksheet to another

I have two spread sheets, let's call them A and B. A could be considered the
master work sheet. It has 15 columns A -O.  The B worksheet has 13 columns,
all of them which come from A.  I have deleted Columns L and N in A when the
data is transferred to worksheet B.

I would like to know what the process is to set these up so that when I add
or delete new information to or from A, it automatically transfers the same
information to B, exclusive of  columns L and N.

Thanks very much

Lewis Shaks 

lshanks (8)
1/11/2006 9:04:51 PM
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How about a simple cell linking function?
Look at column A in Worksheet B as an example.
Link each cell in column A to the identical cell in column A in
worksheet A. Just do one linking formula in the first cell, then copy
down and across for all the other cells in the columns.
Don't forget to change the link for the 2 columns that are excluded in
worksheet B. (So columns A through K are identical in each worksheet,
but then column L in worksheet B will link to column M in workseet B.)
Since they are now linked, any changes you make to worksheet A will
automatically flow to worksheet B. Any changes you make to columns L
and N in worksheet A will be ignored in worksheet B, since you did not
link to them.

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