Auto Row Height problem

One column of my worksheet is a Description column containing text
(sometimes several sentences). It has been edited many times. When I select
the entire worksheet and select Format, Row, AutoFit, some of the rows get
the proper height but many either get one extra line added (no, there is not
an extra return in the cells) or some of the text gets cut off (hidden below
the bottom border). I currently have to check every row of this 20 page
document to ensure the row heights are correct - is there a better way to
adjust the row heights? (I am using Excel 2000 and 2002.)

Vivian Carroll

vcvc (2)
5/31/2004 7:19:09 PM
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>>is there a better way to adjust the row heights?

I don't think so. It is an Excel annoyance that autofit sometimes gives you 
more row height than it seems you need visually.  Also that Excel will 
display only about a thousand characters in a cell even though a cell can 
contain over 32 thousand characters.  And then there is the merged cell 
problem.  If you have any merged cells Excel will ignore them when you do an 
autofit.  For these reasons manually adjusting row heights is sometimes the 
only answer.

Jim Rech
Excel MVP
"Vivian Carroll" <> wrote in message 
> One column of my worksheet is a Description column containing text
> (sometimes several sentences). It has been edited many times. When I 
> select
> the entire worksheet and select Format, Row, AutoFit, some of the rows get
> the proper height but many either get one extra line added (no, there is 
> not
> an extra return in the cells) or some of the text gets cut off (hidden 
> below
> the bottom border). I currently have to check every row of this 20 page
> document to ensure the row heights are correct - is there a better way to
> adjust the row heights? (I am using Excel 2000 and 2002.)
> TIA,
> Vivian Carroll

jrrech (1932)
5/31/2004 9:06:41 PM

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