Arrow keys moves the sheet, not the marker!


This "feature" is driving me nuts! When I use the arrow keys in the
excel worksheet, I'm not moving the marker between cells, but instead
I'm scrolling the work sheet, e.i. the entire sheet is moving, but the
marker remains on the same cell. This goes for all documents I open in

Please help me restore my dear Excel!


d99alu (6)
12/15/2005 8:33:51 AM
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On a keyboard there is a function key called "Scroll Lock" with
accompaning light on/off.  Please make sure that you have it OFF.

tpolak (59)
12/15/2005 9:02:17 AM

This was probably the first (and the last) time I used this key ever.

d99alu (6)
12/15/2005 9:05:26 AM
My pleasure!
Don't get discouraged, though!  These are useful options.  Though
driving lessons adepts tend to use first and second gears mostly, this
is not the rule for all the drivers.
Time changes perspectives.
Have a good day!

tpolak (59)
12/15/2005 9:12:02 AM

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