Aligning Decimal Points with non-numeric data

I am creating a table and would like to align my data by the decimal point.  
I understand that the accounting format will do this, however my data 
sometimes includes symbols.  For example


The accounting format seems to deal well with the (3.12), but I can't get 
the decimal places to align for the 8.45**.  Any advice???  Also the 
accounting format won't allow me to indent.  Thanks in advance!
11/11/2005 4:56:06 PM
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This format code (Format->Cells->Number tab->Custom) seems to work fo
Make sure the alignment is set to right

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11/11/2005 6:32:03 PM
Thanks for the idea MrShorty.
But, your solution doesn't seem to work for the 7.94**  ???

Here's my actual data:


"MrShorty" wrote:

> This format code (Format->Cells->Number tab->Custom) seems to work for
> me.
> 0.00_*_*_);(0.00)_*_*;0.00_*_*_);@_)
> Make sure the alignment is set to right.
> -- 
> MrShorty
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
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11/11/2005 6:55:04 PM
In what way didn't it work?  It works for me, including the 7.94**.  Did
you set the horizontal alignment to "right?"  General alignment puts
text values (like 7.94**) left justified with numbers right justified. 
You want everything (text or number) right justified.

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11/11/2005 10:17:21 PM

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