aggregate calculations

I have two columns of data:

Date      Value
1/1/05    9
1/1/05    10
1/1/05    12
1/9/05    16
1/9/05    4

There may be a variable number of dates, and does not contain a
complete list of consecutive dates (i.e. some dates have no associated
data and are not in the list)

I want to produce a calculation the that subtracts the MIN for each
date from the MAX of each date.  I do not necessarily have to display
the max and min values - I am really after the result

Date    (max - min)
1/1/05  3 <12-9=3>
1/9/05  12 <16-4>

What is the best way to do this?
I have experimented with pivot tables, and have easily gotten the min
and max by date.  I was looking at the calculated field option to
subtract the min from the max, but it doesn't work as I expected.  Can
the Pivot Table calculated field do this?

I have also looked at subtotals, advanced filter, and dmin / dmax
calculations.  None of these seem to easily deliver what I am after.

I am not against writing the VBA to "scan" my data - but I was just
wondering if there is an eaiser way -


i_makino (4)
5/26/2005 3:32:42 PM
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