Advanced filter problems

Hi all,
can anyone tell me why I am duplicate entries when I'm usin
unique records only with adavanced filter. A copy of the file attached


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10/7/2004 12:28:16 AM
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If your list doesn't have a heading, the first cell will be treated as a 
heading, and may be included twice.

Or, entries may look the same, but have subtle differences, such as 
extra spaces.

shav wrote:
> can anyone tell me why I am duplicate entries when I'm using
> unique records only with adavanced filter. A copy of the file attached.

Debra Dalgleish
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dsd1 (5911)
10/7/2004 12:37:48 AM
I don't open attachments/files, but any chance your data doesn't have a header?

If it doesn't then excel will treat the first cell as a header and that could
look like a duplicate.

Any leading/trailing/embedded space differences?

Use some helper cells to see if the ones that look like duplicates are really




just for some checks.

shav wrote:
> Hi all,
> can anyone tell me why I am duplicate entries when I'm using
> unique records only with adavanced filter. A copy of the file attached.
> Cheers
> Shane
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Dave Peterson
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10/7/2004 12:39:45 AM

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