Adding sum of text

A              B             C
a	1         abcd
b	2
c	3
d	4
e	5
f	6
g	7
We would like C1 to equal the amounts of B1:B4 when we type letters "abcd."
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7/22/2004 4:57:02 AM
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Depends on how representative of the reality your little model is.

As it stands, a single formula placed in, say, D1 will calculate th
equivalence of abcd in C1
(entered as a single line).

where TB is the Name of the range A1:B7.

This will only deal (for obvious reasons) with exactly 4 letters in th
string in C1.

If you want to deal with variable lengths of strings in C1, I woul
turn to VBA.
Also, if you really want (as I read your post) to put the letters in C
and have the answer returned in the same cell, VBA is the only way.

Come back if there's more information to add.


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7/22/2004 11:01:22 AM

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