Activating bold function takes time

I have a PC which is having Office XP installed in it.

When i try to make a text in a cell bold the first time in any worksheet, it 
takes aprroximately 4-5 mins, but the very next moment if i want to make 
another cell bold, it happens as normal. can u help with the reason why it so 
happens & is there any solution for the same. I also tried reinstalling 
Office (different version) twice after removing the previous installed 
version but the problem is still persisting.
Menon1 (17)
1/12/2006 11:06:02 AM
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I think I've read posts that say that when this kind of thing happens, it's
usually because the current printer is a network printer.

If you change to a different (local) printer, does it work faster?

You may want to install a printer driver for that "local" printer--even if you
don't have a physical printer to connect to.

Another thing you could test is getting a new printer driver from the
manufacturer's site.

Muraliraj Menon wrote:
> I have a PC which is having Office XP installed in it.
> When i try to make a text in a cell bold the first time in any worksheet, it
> takes aprroximately 4-5 mins, but the very next moment if i want to make
> another cell bold, it happens as normal. can u help with the reason why it so
> happens & is there any solution for the same. I also tried reinstalling
> Office (different version) twice after removing the previous installed
> version but the problem is still persisting.


Dave Peterson
petersod (12005)
1/12/2006 3:08:00 PM

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