Zero Values in Chart

Can anyone please tell me how to stop a chart from displaying zero values.

EX: 10 x axis entries but only the first 5 contain non-zero values.

Thanks in advance.... Russ

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7/13/2005 8:00:55 PM
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If the cells are truly blanks, try Tools menu > Options > Chart tab > 
Show blank cells as... Not Plotted.

If the cells only look like blanks, such as formulas that return "", 
change the "" to NA():


The NA() produces an ugly #N/A error in the sheet, but in line and 
scatter charts they aren't plotted. Debra Dalgleish shows how to hide 
the errors with conditional formatting:

- Jon
Jon Peltier, Microsoft Excel MVP
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RUSS wrote:

> Can anyone please tell me how to stop a chart from displaying zero values.
> EX: 10 x axis entries but only the first 5 contain non-zero values.
> Thanks in advance.... Russ
7/14/2005 12:40:47 AM

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