Vertical Gridlines & Data Marker

Firstly, I noticed that a vertical gridlines of the chart are not align with 
the gridlines of the data tables.  I am wondering how it can be aligned.
Secondly,  I also noticed that a marker is located on the leftside virtical 
gridlines of X scales.  I am also wondering how to place it on the center.
Gary103 (266)
4/10/2008 9:06:03 PM
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Hi Gary,

In my version of Excel they are.  Try it with a line chart.  In Excel 2007 
you might have to make an adjustment.  We need more info.

With a data table the markers are placed between the vertical gridlines, if 
you don't like that you can remove the data table and then format the X-axis 
by choosing the Scale tab and unchecking Value (Y) axis crosses between 

If you want both of these features you can screen shoot a data table and 
place it on a chart that doesn't have a data table or you can place the 
equivalent of the data table in the spreadsheet and put it directly below 
the chart.

Shane Devenshire
Microsoft Excel MVP

"Gary" <> wrote in message
> Firstly, I noticed that a vertical gridlines of the chart are not align 
> with
> the gridlines of the data tables.  I am wondering how it can be aligned.
> Secondly,  I also noticed that a marker is located on the leftside 
> virtical
> gridlines of X scales.  I am also wondering how to place it on the center. 

4/12/2008 9:30:57 PM

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