Uniquely Identify Data for Charting with a List Box


The Internet is a great thing.  I found a charting example that does
nearly every thing I want to do.  Amazingly enough, I was able to
figure out how the thing works!  The chart is fairly simple.  It is a
X*Y line chart with 2 series.  I found the chart here:

http://peltiertech.com/Excel/ChartsHowTo/ChartFromDiffSheets.html - The
chart is called "ChartAgainstStandard.zip."

One of the 2 series plotted is a "standard" and the other changes based
on the selection made in the drop down list.  Amazingly enough, I was
able to follow the thing completely and I would like to model one after
that.  Mine, however, will be a little different (aren't they always).
Whom ever created the chart, had each of the 4 series on separate
sheets (names of sheets corresponded to the names in the drop down
list).  That unique name was used in the cell reference to point to the
correct sheet for charting.  This was the formula used
Unfortunately, my data is not set up in separate sheets and I'm at a
loss as to how to uniquely identify the correct data for plotting.  My
only thought was to use named ranges.

Here's a chunk of data.  All the data is in a single worksheet, in
fact, it is inside a pivot table.  Mind you, it doesn't have to be.  I
can pull it from two worksheets if need be.  I put it all into a single
table because I thought it would make it easier to plot (certainly to
look at).  Anyhow, the data that I want to plot came from two pivot

CountyName ModelSource 1981  1982  1983 ...    2006
Adams          ASM             220    300    400         5,500
Adams          DLW             140    200    275         4,400
Allen             ASM             220    300    400         5,500
Allen             DLW             140    200    275         4,400
Ashalnd         ASM             220    300    400         5,500
Ashland         DLW             140    200    275         4,400
Wyandot        ASM             220    300    400         5,500
Wyandot        DLW             140    200    275         4,400

As you might imagine, year will be the x-axis and the population
estimates will be my y-axis.  There will be 2 series - ASM and DLW,
population estimates derived from different models.  If anyone can help
me with some ideas or examples on how I might "point" to the correct
data for plotting, I would really appreciate it.



mtonkovich (100)
7/15/2006 6:40:13 PM
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