Superimpose one chart on another

How do I superimpose one chart onto another so that I can see all of the data 
in both charts?  One is a scatter graph and the other is a line graph using 
different sets of data in each graph.
Kirsten (34)
10/17/2008 10:06:01 PM
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Well you can superimpose two chart but most of us would suggest that you 
chart both sets of data on the xy scatter and then for the one you want to be 
a line, you select its series and choose Chart, Chart Type and change it to 
an xy scatter with a line.

If you want to supperimpose to charts put one over the other and right click 
the plot area, choose Format Plot area, and on the Patterns tab set the Fill 
to None.  Then Right click the Chart Area and do the same thing. 

Shane Devenshire

"Kirsten" wrote:

> How do I superimpose one chart onto another so that I can see all of the data 
> in both charts?  One is a scatter graph and the other is a line graph using 
> different sets of data in each graph.
10/18/2008 12:41:00 AM

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