Step change charts


I am trying to create a bar charts by year but only want 
to show increases and decreases through the middle years 
as step changes i.e.

1999   100

2000   +10
2001   -30
2002   +40

2003   120

How can I do this? What I should see is the first vertical 
bar being 100 then from the 100 level an increase of 10 to 
get to 110 then a decrease bar of -30 (from the 110 level) 
to get to 80 etc etc.

anonymous (74722)
12/17/2003 3:48:54 PM
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For a tutorial, see the Excel | Charts | Waterfall Chart page of my web 

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In article <009701c3c4b5$466c6760$a101280a@phx.gbl>, says...
> Help,
> I am trying to create a bar charts by year but only want 
> to show increases and decreases through the middle years 
> as step changes i.e.
> 1999   100
> 2000   +10
> 2001   -30
> 2002   +40
> 2003   120
> How can I do this? What I should see is the first vertical 
> bar being 100 then from the 100 level an increase of 10 to 
> get to 110 then a decrease bar of -30 (from the 110 level) 
> to get to 80 etc etc.
12/17/2003 3:57:18 PM

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