Specify style and color of marker in chart

Hello --

User plans to plot no more than 8 data series, and Wants series marker to be

- specified style("shape") (chosen from among 8 preferred shapes), and

- solid color (chosen from among 8 preferred colors)

Shape and color are arbitrarily assigned, depending on the sequence in which
the series is plotted.

Current code successfully plots the data, but does not assign marker style
or color the way we want.

Can someone tell me what is wrong with the following code?

Function SeriesPlot( _
        SeriesNum As Integer, _
        SeriesName As String, _
        RangeSeries As String, _
        RangeYVal As String)
  Dim srsSeriesNew As Series
  Set srsSeriesNew = ActiveChart.SeriesCollection.NewSeries
  With srsSeriesNew
    .Name = SeriesName
    .Values = Worksheets("Data_Series").Range(RangeYVal)
    .XValues = Worksheets("Data_Series").Range(RangeSeries)

'[a] the above 3 work fine; the following 2 don't give me what I want

    .MarkerStyle = GetMarkerStyleInt(SeriesNum)  'result is integer

    .MarkerForegroundColorIndex = GetMarkerColorIndx(SeriesNum)   'result is

    .MarkerBackgroundColorIndex = 15   'gray
  End With
End Function

Function GetMarkerStyleInt(SeriesNum) as Integer
       'returns integer related to SeriesNum
       'assignment is as follows
        Case 1
            GetMarkerStyleInt = 8          '"xlMarkerStyleCircle"
        Case 2
            GetMarkerStyleInt = 2          '"xlMarkerStyleDiamond"
        Case 3
            GetMarkerStyleInt = -4118      '"xlMarkerStyleDot"
        Case 4
            GetMarkerStyleInt = 9          '"xlMarkerStylePlus"
        Case 5
            GetMarkerStyleInt = 1          '"xlMarkerStyleSquare"
        Case 6
            GetMarkerStyleInt = 5          '"xlMarkerStyleStar"
        Case 7
            GetMarkerStyleInt = 3          '"xlMarkerStyleTriangle"
        Case 8
            GetMarkerStyleInt = -4168      '"xlMarkerStyleX"
End Function

Function GetMarkerColorIndx(SeriesNum)     'returns integer related to
    Dim aryColorIndexes
    'color indexes, in order of preference
    aryColorIndexes = Array( _
        1, _
        56, 55, 54, 53, 52, _
        49, _
        30, _
        25, 21, _
        18, 13, 11, 10, _
        9, 5, _
        12, 14, 16, _
        23, 29, _
        31, 32, _
        41, 47, 48, _
        50, 51, 3)
    GetMarkerColorIndx = aryColorIndexes(SeriesNum - 1)
End Function

Thanks in advance for any help.

Larry Mehl

mehl (38)
6/5/2004 11:50:30 PM
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