Risk and Decision Analysis @Risk, Evolver, Decisiontools, Roy Kelly FloorTrader Tools 8.3, AmiBroker 5.0, MultiCharts 2.1, NinjaTrader 6, OwnData 2.6, VantagePoint, other ...

Risk and Decision Analysis @Risk, Evolver, Decisiontools, Roy Kelly
FloorTrader Tools 8.3, AmiBroker 5.0, MultiCharts 2.1, NinjaTrader 6,
OwnData 2.6, VantagePoint, other ...

please send e-mail to :   ola 'AT' mail 'DOT' gr , ola3 'AT' mailbox
'DOT' gr , ( please substitute 'AT' with '@' , and 'DOT' with '.' ) ,
ola@mail.gr, ola3@mailbox.gr,



@RISK 4.5.7 for Excel, Compatible with Excel 2007, ( Standard,
Porfessional, Industrial )
@RISK 4.5.6 International for Excel, ( Standard, Porfessional,
Industrial )

   The world's most powerful risk analysis tool. Take into account all
possible scenarios using
   Monte Carlo simulation. Work directly in Excel, create presentation-
quality graphs, use
   distribution fitting, and more!


@RISK 4.1.4 for Project

   Add risk analysis and Monte Carlo simulation to Microsoft Project
to solve complex Project
   Management problems.

@RISKAccelerator 2.0.1

   Use parallel processing to speed up simulations on large models.



   The DecisionTools Suite 4.5.7 for Excel, Compatible with Excel
2007, ( Standard, Professional,
   Industrial ) to Meet all your Needs.

   The complete risk and decision analysis toolkit, including @RISK,
PrecisionTree, TopRank,
   BestFit, and RISKview. Industrial version includes RISKOptimizer
and @RISKAccelerator!


PrecisionTree 1.0.9 for Excel Compatible with Excel 2007

Create decision trees and influence diagrams with this decision
analysis add-in for Microsoft Excel.


BestFit 4.5.5

The world's most popular distribution fitting software uses advanced
algorithms and an Office-compatible interface.


RISKview 4.5.5

Create and assess distribution functions in a pop-up distribution


TopRank 1.5e

Find the critical factors in your spreadsheet model with what-if



RISKOptimizer 1.0.9 Compatible with Excel 2007

Evolver 4.0.8  ( Professional, Industrial 3-Concurrent Users )

Evolver's genetic algorithms and @RISK's Monte Carlo simulation
combined in one simulation optimisation package.

Innovative solver technology solves problems in this optimisation add-
in for Microsoft Excel.



NeuralTools 1.0.1 Compatible with Excel 2007

Sophisticated Neural Networks for spreadsheets. Make intelligent
predictions that update live in real-time.

StatTools 1.1.1 Compatible with Excel 2007 ( Standard, Professional )

Advanced statistics toolkit for Microsoft Excel. Analyse data in
Microsoft Excel and work in the familiar Microsoft Office environment,
using a new, powerful statistics toolset!



@RISK Developer Kit

   Take @RISK out of your spreadsheet and into any Windows
application. Create your own custom
   applications and risk models using the Monte Carlo simulation
engine, distributions, charts,
   features, and interface of @RISK for Excel.

BestFit Developer Kit

   Use all the functionality of BestFit in your own custom Windows
application. All of the
   distribution functions, fitting algorithms, graphs and more are
accessible to you.

Evolver Developer Kit

   Incorporate the advanced genetic algorithm optimisation engine of
Evolver into your own Windows
   applications outside of Excel. Utilise the same high-speed solving
methods and other features.

RISKOptimizer Developer Kit

   @RISK and Evolver join forces in RISKOptimizer, the solver which
takes into account risk. Add
   Monte Carlo simulation and genetic algorithm optimisation
techniques to your own Windows
   applications with the RISKOptimizer Developer Kit.



CD1.   Decision Making Under Uncertainty with RISKOptimizer:
       Interactive instructional CD shows how to use RISKOptimizer to
solve business problems.

CD2.   Introduction to Financial Modeling Using @RISK:
       Use @RISK and Excel to solve a wide range of real-world
business problems.

CD3.   ModelAssist.
       A comprehensive risk analysis training and reference tool for
@RISK users, with over 140
       example models

BOOK1. Learning Statistics with StatTools.
       Using StatTools, to show you how to use statistics for
practical applications.

BOOK2. Decision Making Under Uncertainty with RISKOptimizer.
       How do you make the best possible decisions in uncertain
environments? Learn about
       techniques using RISKOptimizer.

BOOK3. Financial Models Using Simulation and Optimization I.
       This book shows you how to use @RISK, Evolver, and other
Palisade software to solve today's
       complex financial problems.

BOOK4. Financial Models Using Simulation and Optimization II.
       An expansion on the first widely-used reference. More real-life
examples of methods for
       better financial decisions.

BOOK5. Decisions Involving Uncertainty: An @RISK Tutorial for the
Petroleum Industry.
       ONLINE highly successful seminars on the use of @RISK in the
petroleum industry.


BOOK11. Tech Corner: Using RISKOptimizer:  5 easy steps to solve your

BOOK12. Fly RISKOptimizer to Profit Maximisation:  A typical
optimisation problem that benefits
        from RISKOptimizer's combination of optimisation and

BOOK13. Review: RISKOptimizer: Powerful Tool Eliminates Much of the
"Guesswork" Inherent to Model

BOOK14. Book: Financial Models Using Simulation and Optimization

BOOK15. Book: Decision Making Under Uncertainty with RISKOptimizer


DynamicTrader RT 5.0, Elwave 8.0 + all modules, NeoTicker RT 4.0,
Tradestation 8.3 + OwnData 2.6, BWT Zones SP 5.0 ( Open Source ) ,
NeuroS 5.2 and Add-Ons, Professional Tradeadvisor 5.0, Ensign 2006,
MarketDelta eSignal, Right Line Traders v 2006, Technical
Analysis programs 2007-2004 of stocks/commodities/futures markets,
Trading, for Traders, StockMarket, other Financial software, other ...

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Inactive records in the "Look up records" dialogue (CRM 4.0)
Due to "dirty import data" I have a lot of duplicates in my CRM system. These have all been deactivated (but not merged) until they can be evaluated and deleted. Unfortunately, when I use "Advanced find" and use account name as a criteria, *all* accounts show up in the "Look up records" dialogue box - regardless of status. Is there any way to ensure only active accounts show up in this dialogue box? On Dec 4, 2:29=A0am, "maria.elmv...@gmail.com" <maria.elmv...@gmail.com> wrote: > Due to "dirty import data" I have a lot of duplicates...

anyone else having problems with the 12.1.9 "autoupdate"? #2
Hi all... The 11.5.5 autoupdate worked fine. The 12.1.9 autoupdate downloads (apparently), but then it goes right back to showing that the 12.1.9 update is available -- the updater itself never actually launches. Busy servers, maybe -- and the download isn't ever actually completing? Or bad updater on the update server for 12.1.9? The manual download from Mactopia of 12.1.9 installed properly -- this is just the auto-update that's not working now. - Steve You're right, the auto-update fail. It should be pulled or a message sent instructing to update by downloading directly...