Resizing elements of Excel charts

Any ideas why Excel won't let me resize my plot area or legend, etc.?  I can 
get the double arrow handles to show up, but they won't work.
3/30/2006 6:00:02 PM
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Oh - I just realized it is because I am working with a PivotChart.  I can 
avoid that, but for the future is there any way to resize elements of 
PivotCharts, or is what you see what you get?

"Artifactual" wrote:

> Any ideas why Excel won't let me resize my plot area or legend, etc.?  I can 
> get the double arrow handles to show up, but they won't work.
3/30/2006 6:19:04 PM
Pivot charts do not have the same flexibility as normal charts. These 
elements cannot be resized in a pivot chart.

- Jon
Jon Peltier, Microsoft Excel MVP
Peltier Technical Services
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"Artifactual" <> wrote in message
> Oh - I just realized it is because I am working with a PivotChart.  I can
> avoid that, but for the future is there any way to resize elements of
> PivotCharts, or is what you see what you get?
> "Artifactual" wrote:
>> Any ideas why Excel won't let me resize my plot area or legend, etc.?  I 
>> can
>> get the double arrow handles to show up, but they won't work. 

jonxlmvpNO (4558)
3/31/2006 3:22:23 AM

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