Pivot Tables & changing data

Hi - I have never used pivot tables in Excel before so hopefully what I am 
going to ask is possible and not too complicated for me....   :o)

I am working with Excel 2003. I have a pivot table already set up and the 
information is pulling data from a row titled "sum of Subscriber". I added 
new data in a new column from the main spreadsheet and I would like to pull 
the data from there. Its titled "Adj Subscriber".

Is it possible to switch it? If so, how?

Thanks, Anna Marie

Anna (82)
5/13/2009 5:02:01 PM
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Anna wrote:
> Hi - I have never used pivot tables in Excel before so hopefully what I am 
> going to ask is possible and not too complicated for me....   :o)
> I am working with Excel 2003. I have a pivot table already set up and the 
> information is pulling data from a row titled "sum of Subscriber". I added 
> new data in a new column from the main spreadsheet and I would like to pull 
> the data from there. Its titled "Adj Subscriber".
> Is it possible to switch it? If so, how?
> Thanks, Anna Marie

Click somewhere in your PT. Go to Data | Pivot Table... to open the PT 
wizard. Click Back. Now you can redefine the data range to include your 
new column. Finish, and your new column should appear.

You may know the next step already, but just in case...
Go to Data | Pivot Table... to open the PT wizard again. Click Layout. 
Now you can remove the old column and insert the new.
smartin108 (170)
5/13/2009 10:34:10 PM

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