pivot tables #9

i posted this on the general forum but i thought maybe someone here can
help me.

I have a table that has four regions and total sales amount for each
reason by week.

my pivot table lists all those and totals it per region per month.

i want to add in the pivot table a percentage of the regions sales for
that one week over the total sales for all four regions.

is there a way i can add that to the table?

i.e. the table is currently like this:

Week 1 East         500
Midwest    487
South       529
West        492
Total        2008

i want to add the percentages like this:

Week 1 East         500
Midwest    487
South       529
West        492
Total        2008

(there are more columns in this table which is why i want to add a line
underneath, not as a column next to the amount)

thanks in advance

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5/26/2005 3:21:08 PM
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