Pivot table chart problem

Can somebody help me to solve one insignificant problem related to
pivot table charts. I want to have grand totals displayed in the chart,
which was created using a pivot table. I tried many different ways, but
couldn't succeed. Is it impossible? If so, are there any other ways to
display the totals in the chart. I really apreciate your help. Thank
you in advance.

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6/10/2004 3:40:00 AM
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I don't know of a way to include the grand total in a PivotChart. You 
can create a normal chart, based on the pivot table, and include the 
totals in that.

On Jon Peltier's site, there are instructions for creating a normal 
chart from pivot data:


shavkat79 < wrote:
> Hello!
> Can somebody help me to solve one insignificant problem related to
> pivot table charts. I want to have grand totals displayed in the chart,
> which was created using a pivot table. I tried many different ways, but
> couldn't succeed. Is it impossible? If so, are there any other ways to
> display the totals in the chart. I really apreciate your help. Thank
> you in advance.

Debra Dalgleish
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dsd1 (5911)
6/10/2004 4:34:11 AM

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