Pivot charts - Losing formatting

I am using pivot charts to make lots of mini charts from a large set of data. 
Every time I add to the data and refresh the charts they lose their 
formatting and I have to go through and reformat everything! I have to change 
the colours and the font size, it’s driving me crazy.

Is there a way to stop it reformatting everything and making it keep my 

Rob E.
RobE (7)
2/8/2006 6:08:27 PM
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This is a know problem.

Changing a PivotChart removes series formatting in Excel


Rob E wrote:
> I am using pivot charts to make lots of mini charts from a large set of data. 
> Every time I add to the data and refresh the charts they lose their 
> formatting and I have to go through and reformat everything! I have to change 
> the colours and the font size, it’s driving me crazy.
> Is there a way to stop it reformatting everything and making it keep my 
> changes?


Andy Pope, Microsoft MVP - Excel
andy9699 (3616)
2/8/2006 8:27:02 PM

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