Piaget Polo 18K White Gold Ladies Watch G0A26027 Recommendation Discount Watches

Piaget Polo 18K White Gold Ladies Watch G0A26027 Recommendation
Discount Watches

Piaget Polo 18K White Gold Ladies Watch G0A26027 Site:

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Quality Piaget Watches:

Piaget Polo 18K White Gold Ladies Watch G0A26027 AdditionalInfo :

Watches Brand :   Piaget Watches ( )
Gender :          Ladies
Model :           piaget-polo-18k-white-gold-g0a26027
Also Called :
Case Material :   18kt White Gold
Movement :        Quartz
Crystal :         Scratch Resistant Sapphire
Dial Color :      Silver
Clasp :           18kt White Gold
Bezel :           18kt White Gold
Case Thickness :   28 mm
Water Resistant : 30 Meters (100 Feet)

OUT OF STOCKPiaget Polo 18K White Gold Ladies Watch G0A26027 18kt
White Gold Case. 18kt White Gold Strap. Silver Dial. 18kt White Gold
Bezel. Scratch Resistant Sapphire Crystal. Deployment Clasp. 28 mm
Case Diameter. Quartz Movement. Water Resistant At 30 Meters (100
Feet). Piaget Polo 18K White Gold Ladies Watch G0A26023 Piaget Polo
18K White Gold Ladies Watch G0A26027 Brand PiagetSeries PiagetGender
LadiesCase Material 18kt White GoldCase Diameter 28 mmDial Color
SilverBezel 18kt White GoldMovement QuartzClasp DeploymentBracelet
18kt White GoldWater Resistant 30 Meters (100 Feet)Crystal Scratch
Resistant SapphireWarranty 2 Year WarrantyAs a manufacturer
of fine Swiss movements, Piaget began producing movements for many
other prestigious watch companies. Piaget has become synonymous with
ultra-thin mechanical movements, most recently releasing the world
premier ultra thin Tourbillon movement which was developed entirely in-
house. Piaget remains the finest example of haute horologerie and
haute joaillerie style watches.Piaget Polo 18K White Gold Ladies Watch
G0A26027 is brand new, join thousands of satisfied customers and buy
your Piaget Polo 18K White Gold Ladies Watch G0A26027 with total
satisfaction . A 30 Day Money Back Guarantee is included
with every Piaget Polo 18K White Gold Ladies Watch G0A26027 for
secure, risk-free online shopping. does not charge sales
tax for the Piaget Polo 18K White Gold Ladies Watch G0A26027, unless
shipped within New York State. is rated 5 stars on the
Yahoo! network.

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