need to draw something similar to a wheel

I need to draw something similar to a wheel.  It will have three "spokes" 
that need to be wide enough that I can type a phrase in it.  It will also 
have a hub in the middle like a wheel.

11/5/2009 11:02:01 AM
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You could construct this from the drawing toolbar using a donut, an oval, and 
3 rectangles. Simply format the shapes to have no outler line format to give 
the appearance of a single shape. This would also allow you to easily add 
labels to the "spokes".
Best Regards,

Luke M
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"Ken W" wrote:

> I need to draw something similar to a wheel.  It will have three "spokes" 
> that need to be wide enough that I can type a phrase in it.  It will also 
> have a hub in the middle like a wheel.
11/5/2009 1:37:01 PM

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