Multiple Bar Charts from 1 Worksheet

I have a worksheet where the columns are the years and the rows represent a percentage by school district and content area (e.g. Math, reading, etc.) 

I want to have 1 bar chart per row, showing each year as a separate bar. I can easily do this for 1 row at a time; however, the worksheet has 189 rows in it. 

In reading some of the other posts here, I think this can be done, and it uses VBA code, but I'm not sure of what that code would look like. Any help would be appreciated. 


jeffrmarks (10)
7/4/2011 12:43:12 PM
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On Jul 5, 12:43=A0am, Jeffrey Marks <> wrote:
> I have a worksheet where the columns are the years and the rows represent=
 a percentage by school district and content area (e.g. Math, reading, etc.=
> I want to have 1 bar chart per row, showing each year as a separate bar. =
I can easily do this for 1 row at a time; however, the worksheet has 189 ro=
ws in it.
> In reading some of the other posts here, I think this can be done, and it=
 uses VBA code, but I'm not sure of what that code would look like. Any hel=
p would be appreciated.
> Thanks
> Jeff

Do you actually want different 189 charts on your worksheet or would
you be happy with one chart which can show the data for any particular
row where you could use a spin button or scroll bar to choose the row?
7/4/2011 8:34:59 PM

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