Infopath w/ manually entered values in drop-down and qry results

I had originally posted this elsewhere, but was told this forum is the 
appropariate plase.    I have an Infopath form with a drop-down listbox, that 
is poulated with manually-entered values. 

I choose a value, submit the updated data, and it does put the correct value 
in the SQL 2005 database. 
However, the next time I query the data, the value in the drop-down list box 
is the default value
for the list-box, not the value from the database, which is misleading.

I would have expected the drop-down listbox to display the value from the 
database instead.   Thanks. 

zeon (1)
9/4/2007 12:46:03 PM
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On Tue, 4 Sep 2007, in microsoft.public.excel.charting,
zeon <> said:

>I had originally posted this elsewhere, but was told this forum is the
>appropariate plase.    I have an Infopath form with a drop-down listbox, that
>is poulated with manually-entered values.

I'm sorry someone has misled you; this newsgroup is about graphs.

Del Cotter
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del1907 (586)
9/4/2007 5:41:45 PM

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