how to create a stacked bar chart

Defect Code	Part No.	Defect Qty   

206	                  A	        2
221	                  B	        1
221	                  C	        1
221	                  D	        1

I want to dreate a stacked bar graph to show that defct code had 3 defects 
total with part number B, C, D all contributing to the total, defect code 206 
had a total of 2 wiht part number contributing 2.
2/26/2010 4:47:03 PM
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You need to rearrange your data like so:
          206    221
A        2    ......
B        ....     1
C        ....     1
D        ....     1

Best Regards,

Luke M
"Domingo" <> wrote in message
> Defect Code Part No. Defect Qty
> 206                   A         2
> 221                   B         1
> 221                   C         1
> 221                   D         1
> I want to dreate a stacked bar graph to show that defct code had 3 defects
> total with part number B, C, D all contributing to the total, defect code 
> 206
> had a total of 2 wiht part number contributing 2. 

2/26/2010 5:45:54 PM

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