How can I create and display a chart dynamically on a UserForm wi.

I am trying to create charts dynamically using VBA and Excel. The data being 
plotted will change frequently, and my client wants to interface only with 
the user form, and not the worksheet itself. I know that you can use the 
MSChart control to do this in VB6, but I was wondering if there is a similar 
control for use with Excel and VBA. If so, any additional info on how to use 
it would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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2/14/2005 11:33:02 AM
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I think it's an incredibly dumb idea to want to interface only with a 
userform (and sacrifice the flexibility of direct access to a chart).  
Maybe, you can convince your client to work with a chart on its own 
sheet (rather than an embedded object in a worksheet).  But, if you 
must, see John Walkenbach's


Tushar Mehta
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In article <>, says...
> I am trying to create charts dynamically using VBA and Excel. The data being 
> plotted will change frequently, and my client wants to interface only with 
> the user form, and not the worksheet itself. I know that you can use the 
> MSChart control to do this in VB6, but I was wondering if there is a similar 
> control for use with Excel and VBA. If so, any additional info on how to use 
> it would be much appreciated. Thanks.
2/14/2005 2:44:07 PM

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