Hide Alternate Labels on Date Axis


I'm having trouble trying to hide every other label along a horizontal
date axis. I start on the 01-Jan up to 10-Jan and through using the
'Format Axis'->'Scale'->'Major Unit' and setting this to 2 I can hide
the labels: '02-Jan'; '04-Jan'; etc.

However, I want to hide the odd dates: '01-Jan'; '03-Jan'; etc. I have
tried the various combinations with the dialog box but can't get
anything to work.

Should I be using a custom formula or something?

Any help is much appreciated.


1/7/2007 1:38:12 PM
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In article <1168177092.892944.182090@42g2000cwt.googlegroups.com>, 
pablito108@gmail.com says...
> Hi,
> I'm having trouble trying to hide every other label along a horizontal
> date axis. I start on the 01-Jan up to 10-Jan and through using the
> 'Format Axis'->'Scale'->'Major Unit' and setting this to 2 I can hide
> the labels: '02-Jan'; '04-Jan'; etc.
> However, I want to hide the odd dates: '01-Jan'; '03-Jan'; etc. I have
> tried the various combinations with the dialog box but can't get
> anything to work.
> Should I be using a custom formula or something?
How about just starting the x-axis at Dec. 31?


Tushar Mehta
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1/7/2007 3:46:29 PM

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