Help - Chart and data array not updating

Hope someone can see the error of my way.  I have a workbook saves as a
template.  Each week I receive a new excel file (data dump) from payroll
timesheets of all the employee's hours charged to the different job codes
and projects they worked on for the week.  With this file open, I run the
below macro.  I only use two colunms, job numbers and hours from the
original file.  I copy the two columns, then open the template, paste the
data into the newly created file, input the week ending date in a cell (that
cell is referenced in the chart title), then do a save, then ask for it to
calculate, then do a save as and input a new file name to it.

My problem:  once the macro drops the new data in, the worksheet
automatically updates the arrays and sums the info correctly, but the
subtotal columns for the pie chart series does not recalculate.  They show
#Value. After the macro has completed, I simply press the F9 key and the
sheet calculates and the chart updates without problem.

If I do everything manually the way the macro does, it works like a charm,
no need to do the F9 key.  Anyone have a suggustion what command I am
missing in the macro that requires the manual F9 function after running the
macro.  It has to be simple, but I can't see it.  I'm running excel 2002.


Sub New_Chart()

    Workbooks.Add Template:= _
        "C:\Documents and Settings\Application
Data\Microsoft\Templates\Weekly Hours.xlt"

Dim UserInput1 As Variant
Dim WeDate As String

UserInput1 = InputBox("Type Week Ending Date:" & WeDate)
WeDate = UserInput1

    ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = UserInput1


    Application.MaxChange = 0.001
    ActiveWorkbook.PrecisionAsDisplayed = False

Dim UserInput As Variant
Dim RptName As String

RptName = UserInput
UserInput = InputBox("Type New File Name" & RptName)
ActiveSheet.SaveAs Filename:=UserInput


End Sub

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7/8/2004 12:51:50 PM
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