Formatting data table

I have a data table shown under a diagram. However it won't display all the 
decimals. I.e. in the input to the diagram for january 2006 is 1.123, but 
only 1.1 is shown in the data table. The only solution seems to be to enlarge 
the diagram but this is not an option in this particular case!

As a last resort I could embed a table under a traditional diagram without 
the data table, but that is second best.

Looking forward to any help
Borris (1)
2/20/2007 10:40:03 AM
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If you right click on the data table you can change the font size by clicking 
on 'format data table' and the font tab.  You can type in the size you want
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"Borris" wrote:

> I have a data table shown under a diagram. However it won't display all the 
> decimals. I.e. in the input to the diagram for january 2006 is 1.123, but 
> only 1.1 is shown in the data table. The only solution seems to be to enlarge 
> the diagram but this is not an option in this particular case!
> As a last resort I could embed a table under a traditional diagram without 
> the data table, but that is second best.
> Looking forward to any help
John1063 (943)
2/20/2007 5:34:37 PM

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