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I want to check if this statement is correct in excel VBA:

Const DataPath = "U:\DATA\PROGRAM\" 

Workbooks.Open Filename:=DataPath + "MOPS.XLS" 

Please advise. Thanks

sheela1 (2)
8/18/2003 8:29:25 AM
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It appears correct.
Although personally I would use & instead of + when concatenating.

Sheela wrote:

> Hello,
> I want to check if this statement is correct in excel VBA:
> Const DataPath = "U:\DATA\PROGRAM\" 
> Workbooks.Open Filename:=DataPath + "MOPS.XLS" 
> Please advise. Thanks
> Sheela




andy9699 (3616)
8/18/2003 3:47:13 PM
What am I missing?  Wouldn't it be easier, quicker, and simpler for you 
to check it on your own machine?


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In article <024c01c36562$d4f014d0$a001280a@phx.gbl>, 
sheela@micom.com.my says...
> Hello,
> I want to check if this statement is correct in excel VBA:
> Const DataPath = "U:\DATA\PROGRAM\" 
> Workbooks.Open Filename:=DataPath + "MOPS.XLS" 
> Please advise. Thanks
> Sheela
ng_poster (159)
8/18/2003 5:39:13 PM

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