Dynamic Chart :S please help me !!!

Damn , I'm getting so confused with this so please help!! 

This is what I want to do.

I've got one databasetab with this column :

week1        week2         week3      week4
object1      3                 4                   5             45
object2      43               34                43            43 
object3      88             554            

and so on.

Now ik want on another Sheet a box where I can fill in the wee
number and than a chart wil show only the numbers of that week



object1   object2  object3 object4 

Hope you understand what I mean and can find a solution for m

Thanks in Advance !!!


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5/13/2004 8:49:32 AM
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Check the Excel/Tutorials/Dynamic Charts page of my web site, 
specifically example 4.


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In article <Stift.166s8i@excelforum-nospam.com>, Stift 
<<Stift.166s8i@excelforum-nospam.com>> says...
> Damn , I'm getting so confused with this so please help!! 
> This is what I want to do.
> I've got one databasetab with this column :
> week1        week2         week3      week4
> object1      3                 4                   5             45
> object2      43               34                43            43 
> object3      88             554            
> object4
> and so on.
> Now ik want on another Sheet a box where I can fill in the week
> number and than a chart wil show only the numbers of that week
> as:
> WEEK #
> 1000
> 500
> 0
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------
> object1   object2  object3 object4 
> Hope you understand what I mean and can find a solution for my
> problem.
> Thanks in Advance !!!
> Stift
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5/13/2004 10:34:29 AM
I will take a look, thanks for the info!

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5/13/2004 10:59:42 AM
Woww cewl It's working, need a few adjustments but that's no proble

Very great website also !

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5/13/2004 12:16:37 PM
Ok got it working now.
Problem is solved !!

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5/14/2004 7:34:46 AM
Glad we got that going.  Thanks for the comments on the website.


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> Woww cewl It's working, need a few adjustments but that's no problem
> !!!
> Very great website also !!
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5/15/2004 3:01:12 PM

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