Does "find and replace" work within a chart?

"find and replace" (ctrl-h) will not replace text in the legand of my charts. 
 Is there any way to make this happen?
jspalsky (2)
8/26/2005 10:07:01 PM
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This page describes how you can change a series formula:

Keep in mind that the series formula's first argument relates to the 
series name, which appears in the legend. If it's entered as text, this 
technique (or the associated add-in) will change it directly. If it's a 
cell link, use Find-Replace on the worksheet range containing the series 

- Jon
Jon Peltier, Microsoft Excel MVP
Peltier Technical Services
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jspalsky wrote:

> "find and replace" (ctrl-h) will not replace text in the legand of my charts. 
>  Is there any way to make this happen?
8/27/2005 9:27:29 PM
jspalsky (2)
8/29/2005 8:44:53 PM

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