Display Name of each Data Series

I have an X-Y chart with, say, 3 data series, named 2008, 2009 and 2010.  I 
want to get rid of the legend (by deleting it) and instead have the above 
names displayed on the relevant curve.  Is there a way in Excel XP (aided by 
VBA) to display the name of each data series on the series itself? 

If one tries: Format data series -> Data Labels -> Series Name, the Series 
Name is displayed 10 times if there are 10 data points!  I want it displayed 
only once, somewhere in the middle of the curve representing that data series.
2/19/2010 6:08:01 AM
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Either, select a single point in the series and then apply data label.
Or add additional series with 1 point only. You can then position the 
point/data-label where you want without messing with the actual data points.


On 19/02/2010 06:08, kkgupta wrote:
> I have an X-Y chart with, say, 3 data series, named 2008, 2009 and 2010.  I
> want to get rid of the legend (by deleting it) and instead have the above
> names displayed on the relevant curve.  Is there a way in Excel XP (aided by
> VBA) to display the name of each data series on the series itself?
> If one tries: Format data series ->  Data Labels ->  Series Name, the Series
> Name is displayed 10 times if there are 10 data points!  I want it displayed
> only once, somewhere in the middle of the curve representing that data series.


Andy Pope, Microsoft MVP - Excel

2/19/2010 8:26:26 AM

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