current and future chart section in different colours

Hi All Helpers, I have yearly charts set up for totals of 
income etc (monthly and cumulative).  How can I make the 
chart a different colour after the current month?
Preferably also hiding the cumulative lines after the 
current date.
anonymous (74722)
1/3/2004 3:10:33 PM
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Jon Peltier has information on creating dynamic charts:

that may help you.

mon wrote:
> Hi All Helpers, I have yearly charts set up for totals of 
> income etc (monthly and cumulative).  How can I make the 
> chart a different colour after the current month?
> Preferably also hiding the cumulative lines after the 
> current date.
> Thanks
> Mon

Debra Dalgleish
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dsd1 (5911)
1/3/2004 5:33:38 PM
To end the cumulative graph with the current month, check the link 
Debra provided or the Excel | Tutorials | Dynamic Charts page of my web 

To make the data for future months a different color, plot two 
different series on the same chart, one for actual, the other for the 
future data.  Now, color each as desired.  Basically, the data would be 
laid out as:

		Actual	Project
Oct-03	1.1	
Nov-03	1.2	
Dec-03	1.3	
Jan-04	0.8	
Feb-04			0.7
Mar-04			0.8

and you'd plot 2 series, each based on columns.


Tushar Mehta, MS MVP -- Excel
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In article <08a301c3d20b$bbd7a150$a301280a@phx.gbl>, says...
> Hi All Helpers, I have yearly charts set up for totals of 
> income etc (monthly and cumulative).  How can I make the 
> chart a different colour after the current month?
> Preferably also hiding the cumulative lines after the 
> current date.
> Thanks
> Mon
1/5/2004 12:14:22 PM

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